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Yang Roller - Sensitive

The Yang Roller, specially developed for problem skin such as rosacea and couperose, is an excellent supplement for the daily activation of over 300 reflex points on the face. It gently dissolves all blockages and thus contributes to cleaner, younger-looking skin with a positive radiance.

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The Yang Roller was specially developed for sensitive skin types such as rosacea and couperose. It has a similar effect to the small Yang double roller, but its spikes are much gentler. The roller activates over 300 reflex points on the face and gently helps with wrinkles, skin blemishes and pigment spots. It can also be used for headaches and migraines to provide immediate relief.

Skin type

The Yang Roller is particularly suitable for sensitive skin types such as rosacea and couperose.


The Yang Roller can be used at any time of day and is particularly suitable as part of your daily beauty routine. We recommend integrating it into your routine as a mindfulness ritual and using it after cleansing your face and applying cream. Roll over your face with light pressure. You can roll in any direction and massage each area for at least 30 seconds.