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Massage comb

This massage comb has been specially developed to activate the scalp. It promotes hair growth, counteracts hair loss and has a relaxing effect on headaches and migraines.

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The massage comb is an innovative tool for stimulating the energy pathways and reflex points on the scalp. Targeted combing activates key points, resulting in more energy, less pain and greater satisfaction. The massage comb is an excellent tool to relieve pain and increase well-being, especially for headaches.

In addition, it is an effective remedy for hair loss as it stimulates the scalp and thus stimulates hair growth. The massage comb is a simple yet effective tool that is suitable for daily use and can contribute to a healthy scalp and shiny, full hair.


The hair comb is a versatile tool for daily use. If you suffer from hair loss, I recommend using the comb in combination with a specific hair oil. The comb is perfect for gently massaging the oil into the scalp and thus stimulating hair growth. For best results, you should leave the oil on overnight and wash your hair as usual the next morning.