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Small Yang double roller smooth

The Yang double roller is suitable for manual lymphatic drainage. It is particularly effective against swelling and lymphatic congestion in the face. Small nodules, bags under the eyes and dark circles can be dissolved with the help of this roller.

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The small Yang double roller with smooth wheels is an effective tool against bags under the eyes and puffiness on the face. With its warming Yang effect, it activates blood circulation and promotes detoxification of the skin, which is not only beneficial for swelling and redness, but also for skin blemishes and pigment spots. Thanks to its handy size, it can be easily integrated into your daily beauty routine to achieve brighter and healthier skin.

Skin type

This double roller with smooth wheels is particularly suitable for all skin types due to its detoxifying effect and offers effective help with swelling and blemishes.


For optimal results, it is recommended to use this roller daily in the morning and evening after washing your face and applying cream. You should massage each zone for at least 30 seconds and roll from the inside out to promote blood circulation and stimulate the skin.