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Valérie H.

«A visit to Sorea touches body and soul. In her little oasis of well-being, Graciella lets me immerse myself in another world and helps me better understand myself and the needs of my skin with every visit. If you want to focus more on self-love and inner beauty, you've come to the right place. Only high-quality products, your own facial roller and a little “magic” are used. The result: The perfect glow and relaxed like after a yoga retreat!»

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Sabrina G. (youly)

Sorea and Graciella have one thing in common: a lot of heart, love and understanding for people and their needs! A treatment at Graciella cannot be compared to other beauty treatments. Her holistic approach to body, mind and soul is unique. Graciella also has enormous expertise in the areas of beauty, nutrition and psychology. Coupled with her shamanic streak, this treatment is simply unique and very personal. Not only do you float out with a wonderful glow, but you have also learned a lot about yourself. This effect lasts for weeks and radiates internally and externally. Magical!

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Patrick M.

If friends, acquaintances, even...
When complete strangers talk about your radiance and freshness... then that's Graciella's facial treatment. Every hour of treatment feels like a multi-day break, physical and psychotherapy in one. After that you just feel good. Point.

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Sandy K.

Graciella's facial is a true moment of reconnection with body, heart and mind. My face looks younger and has a better complexion. With her shamanic power and understanding of people, Graciella uses this moment to gently ask you the right questions that will help you move forward. A true balm for the heart. Every time my clients ask me what I did and I recommend Graciella to them. I also recommend purchasing the tools for home use to prolong the effect of the treatment.

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Jeannette R.

I love Graciella's Vietnamese reflex point treatment. Your treatments go far beyond a normal cosmetic treatment. She has the great talent to immediately recognize issues/problems in people. It dissolves tension and treats not only the face but also the body or feet - depending on where there are blockages. After her treatments I feel fresh, relaxed and my skin glows - even days later. I can recommend her wholeheartedly and I also really appreciate her as a person. Thank you Graciella for your presence and your valuable work.

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Ramona L.

Working gives you wrinkles? No Please not. But the many particles in the air, vapors from paints and varnishes or even working in the sun put a strain on the skin. I read about the facial reflection massage and came across the Sorea practice. I made an appointment and agreed to it. She worked on me with a lot of sensitivity for me as a person, with dedication to my skin and discovered tensions. It was a wonderful feeling and I felt like she already knew me. When I looked at myself in the mirror at the end, I saw myself and yet I saw more of the “girl” from before. My eyes were big and round again, my forehead was completely smooth. I could hardly believe it.

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Mathias M.

Graciella is a real cheerful person and she lives and loves what she does. Her holistic approach and empathetic nature are moving. My skin glows after the treatment and the energetic barriers are dissolved. My secret? SOREA!

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Leïla G.

The treatment at Graciella is a real treat for my entire body. Through the positive, calm and authentic
Graciella's charisma always makes me feel very at home with her.

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