Why holistic cosmetics is the new future

In the exciting journey of founding SOREA Holistic Beauty, I gained a remarkable insight: skin changes are a reflection of internal imbalances. My own story, shaped by my previous work as a model, revealed this deep connection.

During my modeling career, I began to suffer from blemished skin and was astonished as I mistakenly believed that blemished skin only affected teenagers. Since my external appearance was essential for my job, my skin problems were reflected in fewer job offers, which put a lot of strain on me. In desperation , I visited various professionals , but the solutions suggested were always similar: new cosmetics. However, these solutions proved unsustainable and I felt helpless.

The turning point came on a trip to Asia. There I came across Vietnamese facial reflexology and learned that my skin problems were linked to weakened kidney and liver energy. This approach seemed logical to me because I suffered from migraines for years without ever recognizing a possible connection to my skin health. I decided to change my diet, start working on my emotional well-being and get to know my body better. In this process, I realized that our body is a fascinating miracle in which everything is connected - like a domino effect, where each component influences the next.

A weakened liver can affect the hormonal system, which in turn affects the skin and our emotional world. Especially in today's hectic times, we are constantly exposed to stressors. Hardly a minute goes by when we are not surrounded by external influences that put strain on our bodies. In addition , our diet is excessively contaminated with the “three white poisons” – sugar, white flour and salt. We eat more than our bodies need and many foods contain toxic substances. Added to this is the use of cosmetics that contain harmful substances and further weaken our body. It is crucial here to avoid as many toxic environmental influences as possible with healthier alternatives.

Our skin is a gateway to the inside . Everything that comes into contact with the skin enters our body. And what we don't break down through the liver and kidneys leaves our body through the skin. It is becoming increasingly clear that body, mind and soul must be in harmony so that we not only feel beautiful, but can also radiate it.

A balanced beauty ritual that pampers body, mind and soul in equal measure is becoming increasingly important.
A growing number of therapists and doctors recognize the complexity of the human body and take a holistic approach. The future of cosmetics lies in its holistic nature - in not just treating symptoms, but in understanding and supporting people as a whole being.

What you should pay attention to when it comes to holistic cosmetics:

  • It's important to be aware that certain substances we put on our skin can actually enter the bloodstream . For example, studies have shown that components of sunscreens can be detected in the blood (Matta et al., 2020). This highlights the importance of choosing skin care products carefully and addressing ingredients as they can potentially impact health.

  • "100% natural cosmetics" alone does not necessarily make a cosmetic product better. Rather, it is crucial that cosmetic products use ingredients that are as natural as possible. Natural ingredients can undoubtedly offer many advantages as they are often less chemically processed and free from potentially harmful additives. However, it is equally important to consider the properties of these natural ingredients and ensure that they are suitable for the specific needs of your skin. It is also worth remembering that some natural preservatives and emulsifiers, although they are natural Sources, can be allergens or can cause skin reactions. Therefore, the decision for a cosmetic product should not only be based on the naturalness of the ingredients, but also on a careful analysis of the ingredients and their potential effects on your skin

  • Holistic cosmetics go beyond the mere external application of skin care products. It also includes other aspects of lifestyle such as diet and exercise, as these can have a significant impact on skin health. A balanced diet rich in important nutrients such as antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals can help strengthen organ health and rid the body of toxins. This can have a positive effect on the skin as well-functioning digestion and detoxification systems can help minimize skin problems and contribute to glowing skin. Exercise helps improve blood circulation, which in turn can promote the supply of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells. This can promote cell renewal and help skin look healthy and radiant.

  • Meditation and working on your mindset are crucial elements of a daily beauty routine . You may be wondering why these two aspects should be incorporated into your beauty routine. In fact, there are studies that indicate that emotions can have a significant impact on our skin health, such as the research by Mento et al. in 2020. Our emotions, especially stress and negative thoughts, can take a toll on our bodies. Stress can trigger the release of stress hormones such as cortisol, which in turn can have a negative impact on the skin. Chronic stress can lead to skin inflammation, which is linked to a variety of skin problems such as acne, eczema and premature aging. Through meditation and working on your mindset, you can reduce stress and promote positive emotions. A relaxed mindset can help minimize the release of stress hormones and reduce inflammatory responses in your body. This can have a positive impact on your skin health, helping to prevent or relieve skin problems and contributing to a glowing complexion.

  • Integrating facial massages into your daily beauty routine is very important. These massages stimulate blood circulation in the skin and activate a mechanism that activates the renewal of skin cells and the production of collagen. In addition, facial massages can help to release energetic blockages by specifically stimulating reflex points on the face. This in turn means that the body's own self-healing powers are stimulated, which not only benefits the skin, but also general well-being.

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